Do Monkeys Eat Meat?

woodstock photography/Moment/Getty Images

The majority of monkey species are omnivores, and while they do eat meat, they prefer seeds and fruit. While most monkeys mainly feed on insects, vegetation and bark, Capuchin monkeys eat small mammals and reptiles.

Monkeys prefer fresh fruits that are readily available in the environment. Not only do the various plants in the forest provide them with food, but they also provide shelter. Monkeys, much like humans, use their hands and lips to eat, and they are even skilled at cracking nuts. Some favorites of monkeys include bananas, grapes and yams. Gorillas, on the other hand, are pure herbivores and stick to a diet consisting of bark, roots, plants and fruits. Gorillas rarely drink water as the vegetation provides it for them. If they are unable to secure enough vegetation, they will eat insects instead.