What Medications Are Used to Euthanize Dogs?


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Canine euthanasia completed in a two-step process includes administration of a sedative or anesthetic followed by an injection of a barbiturate, according to PetMD. The medication used varies.

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Veterinarians may use Telazol, ketamine, propofol, medetomidine, Acepromazine or xylazine as the first injection. These drugs relieve pain and tranquilize the animal. A barbiturate, such as Euthasol, is administered to overdose an animal quickly and induce respiratory and cardiac arrest, states Drugs.com. The two-step process reduces the occurrence of postmortem spasms and other involuntary movements, such as bladder emptying. Pet owners and veterinarians may choose to euthanize an animal using a single injection.

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