How Many Legs Does a Lobster Have?

Lobsters have 10 legs, with five pairs of jointed legs attached to their thorax region. Lobsters are crustaceans that are closely related to crabs and shrimp, and they can be found all over the world in oceans, freshwater and brackish environments. They can grow as long as 3 feet, and they have an average lifespan of 50 years.

The body of a lobster has 21 segments, and most species of lobsters have large claws. The species with the claws usually has one claw that is larger than the other one, with sharp and thick teeth used for cutting and crushing objects. Lobsters have a blackish-green or brown body, and they only turn red after being boiled.

With an omnivorous diet, lobsters mostly eat algae, plants, fish and even other lobsters. They have three stomachs in their digestive system: the forgut, midgut and the hindgut. The first stomach is used for grinding food, the second stomach is used for digesting food particles and the third stomach is used to pass all of the non-absorbed particles to the anus.

Lobsters are solitary creatures that rarely interact with other lobsters. They spend their days hiding among rocks to protect themselves from their known predators, including cod. They mainly leave their rocks at night to find their food. Lobsters have the ability to recognize other lobsters by excreted chemicals.