How Many Eyes Does a Grasshopper Have?

Joerg Hauke/Picture Press/Getty Images

A grasshopper has five eyes, including two compound eyes and three simple eyes. The compound eyes are made up of many separate lenses that work together to form a picture. The compound eyes are used to see, but scientists are uncertain about how a grasshopper uses its simple eyes.

Grasshoppers are insects with two pairs of wings and long hind legs used for jumping. They are different from katydids and crickets in that they have short antennae that do not reach very far back on their bodies. Grasshoppers are colored to blend in with their environment. In some species of grasshopper, the males attract the females with bright colors on their backs. Some species produce toxins for protection. Females are larger than males, and they have sharp points at the end of their abdomen that they can use to lay their eggs underground.