What Is a Male Duck Called?

Rodney Campbell/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

A male duck is called a drake when it is an adult. During adolescence, ducks of both sexes are simply referred to as ducklings. An adult female can be known as either a hen or a duck. A group of ducks is called a raft, team or paddling.

Similar to other types of birds, the drake can often be identified because he has brightly colored plumage that he uses to attract a hen. It may be more difficult to differentiate drakes from hens after the mating season as some types of drakes molt, adopting the more camouflaged plumage of the hens. Drakes become more susceptible to predators during this time as this plumage renders them flightless.

Ducks are a member of the bird family Anatidae. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. The diet of the duck consists of grass, aquatic plants, insects, seeds, fruit, fish and crustaceans. It uses its bill to forage in the mud for food. A duck’s feathers are waterproof, keeping its downy layer completely dry. The down is used to construct the duck’s nest to provide insulation and cushioning for the eggs.