How Long Do Pit Bulls Stay in Heat?

According to WebMD and The Real Pit Bull, pit bulls stay in heat for approximately 18 to 21 days, and this is also true for most other dog breeds. Female pit bulls go into heat approximately twice a year every 6 months, beginning when they are 6 months old. Smaller dog breeds typically go into heat for the first time when they are younger than 6 months old.

During a dog’s estrus, it will exhibit a variety of symptoms, including frequent urination and increased nervousness, and it will become easily distracted.

During the time in which the female pit bull is ready to begin breeding, she will often stand in front of male dogs and elevate her back legs. Female dogs in heat also have a swollen vulva with bloody discharge. The discharge becomes clear in color when the female is ready to begin breeding.

Although female pit bulls stay in heat for approximately 18 to 21 days, they will only attract the attention from male dogs for half of that time, according to WebMD. The primary way to eliminate the chances of an unwanted pregnancy in pit bulls is to have them spayed as early as possible. Spaying is also beneficial because it decreases the chance of diseases that occur in the reproduction system, as well as breast cancer. Most veterinarians can spay a female pit bull as early as 2 months old.