How Long Does It Take for Peacock Eggs to Hatch?

Depending on species, it takes between 26 and 30 days for a peacock egg to hatch. The most familiar species, the Indian blue peafowl, takes 27 to 30 days, with 28 being the average.

The incubation period for Congo peafowl is the shortest of all species of peafowl. They only take 26 days on average to hatch their eggs. Green peafowl take 28 days to hatch. The Indian blue peafowl is by far the most common peafowl in both the wild and captivity, and generic references to the peacock or peafowl should be taken as referencing this species. Congo peafowl were unknown to Western science until 1930, and green peafowl are endangered as of 2014.