Top Five Long Haired Cat Breeds: Traits, Personalities, and More

With their regal, refined appearance, you’ll find a long-haired cat makes a welcome addition to any home. While all cats have some similarities, there are definite differences, including between long-haired breeds. 

Being well-informed about these disparities before you decide on a cat helps ensure you’re choosing the right one for your family and living situation. If you’re looking for more background on long-haired cat breeds, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to dive into the top five breeds. Then, we’ll discuss disposition, defining characteristics, and more. Get ready to learn plenty about our feline friends! 

Some Fast Facts About Cats

Image Attribution: Segio Fernandez

First, let’s run through a few fast facts about cats. The first known pet cat existed nearly ten thousand years ago. That means that humans have been enjoying the presence of feline friends for centuries. Nowadays, you’ll find that cats are right up there with dogs for being some of the most popular pets in the country. 

Cats are known for their disposition. Independent and sometimes standoffish, your cat isn’t going to come around just to appease you. Part of this might be because they’re frequently snoozing. Did you know that 70% of your feline’s life consists of catching some shut-eye? It’s true! This equates to roughly 13 to 16 hours per day, so don’t worry if you see your cat sleeping more often than not. If their behavior changes or is different than it typically is, consider reaching out to a vet to make sure everything’s okay. 

Of course, you probably know that your cat has plenty in common with the big cats you see in nature. But did you know exactly how much DNA they have in common with these massive predators? The domesticated house cat shares over 95% of its genetic makeup with tigers. 

There are plenty of interesting facts about these sometimes feisty, sometimes friendly animals. One thing’s for sure: you won’t regret adding a feline friend to your family. If you’re on the search for the right long-haired cat breed, we’ve got you covered.

Top Five Long Haired Cat Breeds

Now for the exciting part: let’s dive into the top five long-haired cat breeds! We do want to note that your long-haired cat will have a slightly different set of grooming requirements than a typical short-haired one would. We’ll expand on that later, but for now, get excited to learn more about these gorgeous breeds. 


Ragdoll Cats

Image Attribution: Lara Celine

Equal parts athletic and beautiful, Maine Coons are certainly one of the most popular long-haired cat breeds. They’re large but gentle, which establishes them as a great family cat. When you first meet a Maine Coon, you’ll likely notice their thick, luscious coat. This serves a practical purpose–winters in New England are frigid, and Maine Coons evolved to have a coat that will help keep them warm.

Maine Coons are also super adventurous in comparison to other long-haired cats. Yours would be happy spending time indoors and out, and they’re up for almost anything. The Maine Coon has a huge personality and will bring your family plenty of laughs, cuddles, and pleasant memories.

Persian Cats

Image Attribution: Claudia Schmalz

Persian cats have a reputation and with good reason! Their high-maintenance coats helped earn them accolades and adoration. While it might take more effort to keep up with a Persian cat’s coat than that of a short-haired cat, you’ll find it to be worth it. These cats are both sweet and intelligent. They enjoy a home that’s consistently quiet, steady, and predictable. Persian cats aren’t as adventurous as Maine Coons are, but they’re also quite sweet. 

You won’t find your Persian Cat wandering around outside. They prefer indoor environments where their human can help maintain their luxurious, beautiful coat. If you’re getting a Persian, here’s a tip. Get your kitten used to taking baths as soon as you can (and your vet deems it safe). This will make it significantly easier to take care of their coat moving forward. 

Birman Cats

Image Attribution: Kristin Kokkersvold 

If you’re looking for a long-haired cat that shockingly doesn’t require tons of maintenance, look no further. The Birman cat might be exactly what you need. Renowned for both their gorgeous coat and sweet personality, you’ll love the Birman cat’s soft coat. The best part? It doesn’t require tons of work. 

Birman cats often have baby blue eyes and gentle personalities. They’re known to thrive in families that have children and are considered healthy. If you’re looking for a cat that’s going to get attached to you, the Birman will. They’re a bit clingy, but at least you’ll have a companion while you’re doing the laundry or cleaning your room. That’s a win if you ask us. 

LaPerm Cats

Image Attribution: Kristin Kokkersvold 

Just like their name heavily suggests, LaPerm cats have curly, long coats. Your cat’s coat will always have plenty of body and volume. There is still plenty of variation in these cats. Their coats can range from tight, ringlet curls to looser, relaxed waves. This allows the LaPerm cat to stand out in its own recognizable way. 

If you’re adopting a LaPerm cat, don’t panic if they’re entirely bald. LaPerm kittens actually shed the entirety of their coat at a young age. It then grows back at around four months. When their coat returns, you’ll see those glorious curls. Their pretty looks aren’t the only reasons why LaPerm cats are popular. They’re also gentle, affectionate creatures that enjoy getting active. 

How To Take Care of a Long-Haired Cat

Image Attribution: Ingume Walorod

Before you bring your new long-haired cat home, there are several things that you should know. Having this information accessible to you can help ensure that your furry friend’s transition will be smooth and seamless.

First, let’s discuss the grooming situation for long-haired cats. How frequently you’re going to need to do this depends on the cat’s coat type, texture, age, lifestyle, and health. To get a better idea, you can ask your vet for their recommendation. 

Still, it’s important to note that as the owner of a long-haired cat, you’re definitely going to need to intervene with your cat’s hair care. How frequently you’ll need to help your cat depends, but you can expect anywhere from once a month to once a day. As a general rule of thumb, the more cotton-esque your cat’s hair is, the more maintenance it’s going to need.

If you’re unsure about how to tackle grooming, it might be time to seek professional assistance. While plenty of cats can be groomed at home (depending on how much effort the owner can dedicate to this, of course), it can be hard to set aside a significant amount of time. Moreover, some cats aren’t used to the process of grooming and can become extremely scared. While a professional groomer would know how to handle this, a first-time owner certainly would not.

The ideal cat groomer will have experience working with cats, especially those with long, luxurious coats. If you have friends with long-haired cats, you might consider asking them for their groomer’s contact. Additionally, you should ensure that you’re selecting a groomer with a suitable environment for your feline. While some cats enjoy a trip to the spa, others strongly dislike it. When your cat feels comfortable somewhere, they’ll be less likely to experience extreme anxiety. 

A Final Thought

There are plenty of different types of cats out there, and the value of choosing the right one for your unique family situation cannot be stressed enough. When you’re deciding what cat you want to bring home to your family, you should take into account their personalities first and foremost.

Cats have plenty of different variations, so if you’re looking for a long-haired cat with a certain disposition, we’re sure you’ll be able to find one. Here is an excellent place to start with your search to find the ultimate long-haired cat. We promise the right feline friend will be worth it! 


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