How Long Does a Great White Shark Live?

Elias Levy/CC-BY-2.0

Great white sharks have a lifespan of 30 to over 100 years. At the very beginning, two to 12 baby sharks, or pups, grow inside their mother for a full year before she gives birth. Great whites can be found in all major oceans and are well known for their large size. Some reach lengths of over 20 feet.

Great white sharks range in color from pale to dark gray, though they all have a white belly. It’s from this white belly that their name is derived.

Great whites hunt their prey visually. Accelerating quickly to the surface, they ram their prey and stun it while taking a large bite. Once the prey is stunned and injured, the shark can return to feed on the carcass.

Great white sharks’ abilities and structure make them the ultimate ocean predators. They must be smart, because they need to outwit the intelligent seals and dolphins that serve as food. The sharks’ most acute sense is smell. They hunt prey in cooperative groups, and they share the kill. Great whites are fast, reaching speeds up to 35 miles an hour. In addition, these ocean creatures are toothy, with seven rows totaling 300 teeth.