How Long Will a Female Yorkie Bleed While in Heat?

Female Yorkie dogs do not bleed as much as larger dogs and the blood and fluid discharge may be undetectable during the course of the dog’s heat cycle, which lasts about 3 weeks on average. A Yorkie’s heat cycle can last from 2 to 4 weeks and the same dog’s heat cycle may vary, according to My Yorkie Secrets website.

The discharge from a female Yorkie during the heat cycle may be only trace amounts of light red, pinkish or tan fluid but it can accumulate in bedding, furniture and flooring over the course of the cycle. Many pet owners opt to use dog diapers during this time. Wash away any dried fluids from the dog with baby wipes, advises My Yorkie Secrets website.

A Yorkshire terrier can begin going into heat as early as 5 months of age. During this time, the dog can become pregnant although the 10thtenth through the 14th day is the most fertile time for breeding.

If breeding is desired, the dog should be kept with the mate as much as possible. If breeding in not planned, the dog should be kept indoors away from other male dogs while she remains in heat. A male dog can sense a female in heat for up to 3 miles away. Spaying should be considered.