How Do Lizards Mate?

Jan Fidler/CC-BY-2.0

Most lizards require a male and female pairing to mate; the male excretes an odor from a gland on the tail to which the female is attracted. Male lizards will mount female lizards to complete the mating process.

Most lizards, both male and female, will be ready to mate by the time they reach one year of age. They are sexually and physically mature by this age and will be capable of producing the necessary hormones for breeding. Female lizards will also be large enough to carry the amount of young that is necessary to reproduce. Lizard breeding is not time consuming, and lizards will often go their separate ways after they have mated. There is no relationship in the mating process.

There are some species of lizards that do not need a male to reproduce. These lizards are found in the United States and Mexico. They are an all female species of lizard and the females are capable of providing the correct amount of DNA. It produces two sets of DNA to makeup for the absence of a male lizard. All types of lizards are able to lay eggs or birth live young, and the type of young they have is dependent on geographical location and environmental factors.