What Is a List of Aquatic Birds?

A list of aquatic birds includes penguins, auks, puffins, ducks, geese, swans, loons, grebes, herons, egrets, cormorants, phalaropes, plovers, avocets, curlews, godwits, ruddy turnstones, yellowlegs, redshanks, sanderlings, gallinules, moorhens, coots, limpkins, spoonbills, scarlet ibises, pelicans, white storks, hamerkops, frigatebirds, anhingas, gannets, pelicans, boobies, petrels, shearwaters, tropicbirds, fulmars, prions, albatrosses, cranes, African finfoots, sunbitterns, spoonbills, skuas, jacanas and jaegers. Aquatic birds are birds that live on or near bodies of water.

Godwits are birds with long legs and long, upturned bills with which they wade through muddy water and snatch up insects and worms. The marbled godwit is found on the west coast of the United States from Alaska down to the Gulf of Mexico.

The common redshank is found in Europe and Asia, from Iceland east to Western Europe, east to Russia and into southeast Asia. Its long, red legs give it its name, though its somewhat drab plumage makes for good camouflage in the wetlands where it lives.

Ruddy turnstones are found at shorelines all over the world. They find food in fronds of seaweed and use their bills to flip over stones to find insects, crustaceans and other marine invertebrates.

The hamerkop gets its name from its hammer-shaped head. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, it feeds on small animals at the edges of lakes, rivers and marshes.