How Are Lions and Tigers Similar?

When hunting, both lions and tigers tend to kill their prey by grasping it around the throat until it dies of strangulation, and both species give birth to about two to four cubs per litter. Lions and tigers belong to the same genus, Panthera, and the same family, Felidae.

Both lions and tigers prefer to hunt medium-sized mammals. Tigers tend to feed on deer, water buffalo, wild boars and chital, depending on what is available. Lions feed on similar animals, and they also feed on elk, gazelles and game stock, which are found in the African regions where they live. Lions may also take down larger mammals such as elephants and giraffes, but tigers generally stay away from this larger prey since they tend to hunt alone.

Tigers and lions are also both known for their large size and powerful, muscular bodies. Tigers are the largest cats in the world, with males weighing up to 675 pounds. Lions are the second-largest cats in the world, with males weighing up to 550 pounds.

In spite of being closely related, tigers and lions display different social and behavioral patterns. Tigers tend to live solitary lives, only meeting with other tigers when it is time to mate or when food is scarce and hunting together is necessary. Lions, on the other hand, live in groups called prides. They hunt together, sleep together and help raise each other’s young.