What Are Lions’ Adaptations?

Lisa Williams/CC-BY 2.0

Lions rely on powerful vocal chords, long and pointy claws, rough tongues and flappy skin around their abdomens to survive in their native habitats. Like most animals, lions use their vocal chords to communicate with each other and to prevent intrusion of their territory boundaries. They rely on lengthy claws, strong teeth and sandpaper-like tongues to catch, kill and consume prey.

Lions also have large and pronounced paws, which are large in comparison to their body size, and they facilitate long journeys through the desert. These paws have hard layers of padding on the sole to keep lions’ feet safe from debris and hot sands, and they have long claws to help grip surfaces and tear through the tough skins and hides of prey. Lastly, loose belly skin protects inner organs from damage when kicked by hoofed prey such as gazelles and impalas.