What Do Leopards Eat?

Dan Davison/CC-BY 2.0

Leopards eat other animals, such as gazelles, sheep and goats. They also prey on rodents and smaller animals, such as monkeys.

Leopards are found throughout the world though they are endangered in some countries including Africa. The carnivorous animals live mainly in forested areas, but they have been known to adapt to others environments, such as deserts and rocky terrains. Adult leopards grow to lengths of around 6 feet and they can weigh up to 140 pounds. The animals are nocturnal and do the majority of their hunting during the nighttime hours. They spend most of the day resting in thick bushes or other shelters.

Leopards are very strong and have great climbing abilities. These traits, along with the fact that they can leap up to 20 feet, allows them to spend time in trees which enables them to hunt. After they have pounced upon the prey and killed it, they then move it into the tree to prevent lions and other large animals from stealing it. If the prey is large, leopards will spend several days feeding on it.

Leopards are solitary creatures and only typically stay with other leopards during mating season. They are also very territorial and mark their ranges with urine to alert other leopards that they are coming too close. The biggest predators of leopards are humans and lions.