How Do You Know When a Leopard Gecko Is Pregnant?

A pregnant leopard gecko will look fat when she is carrying eggs and an owner may even be able to see the eggs through her skin if she is lightly colored. Sometimes, her sides may look more pink or red than usual.

A pregnant or gravid female leopard gecko will begin to show signs of restlessness anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks after mating. This is a telltale sign that it is almost time for her to lay her eggs. At this time, it is important to provide a laying box in her enclosure.

It is possible to determine the sex of the baby leopard geckos after the eggs are laid. Eggs incubated at a temperature of around 79 degrees Fahrenheit will produce females, while an incubation temperature of around 92 degrees will produce males.

Properly incubated, the eggs will hatch in 40 to 80 days.