Where Do Kittens Live?

Martin Ruegner/age fotostock/Getty Images

According to the Humane Society, most feral cats and kittens live in colonies that occupy a specific territory. These territories can include a diverse, large terrain. Kittens can be found throughout the world and will always live near a stable food source when possible.

A colony of feral cats will include animals of all ages. Rather than the parents abandoning them, the kittens tend to stay close to their family, even after reaching adulthood. In contrast, domesticated cats tend to scatter their young once they reach maturity, allowing them to become more independent.

Kittens that live outside can survive in almost any kind of environment, provided all of their needs are met. An adult cat, when pregnant, will typically find a warm place to give birth to and raise her kittens. Small spaces are preferred when the kittens are very young, so it is common to find them under buildings or dumpsters.

If found, outdoor kittens can be kept as pets if they are old enough to survive without their mother. Once the kittens reach adulthood, it is harder for them to adapt to life inside a house. Feral cats that have had limited or no contact with humans must generally remain in an outdoor environment.