What Kind of Dogs Have Hair Not Fur?

Dogs that have hair instead of fur include bearded collies, Yorkshire terriers, shih tzus, Maltese, Tibetan terriers, Chinese crested dogs, Havanese, lowchen, cotton de Tulear, Lhasa apsos, Irish water spaniel, Hungarian puli, Portuguese water dog, Bergamasco, poodles, Brussels griffon and wirehaired fox terriers. However, these dogs have different types of hair.

Dogs with straight hair have medium to long hair. Their genes largely determine their hair length, and the coats usually have a smooth, flowing quality. Maltese and shih tzus are dogs with straight hair coats.

Curly haired dogs shed less than other breeds. Dogs in this category include Irish water spaniels, Portuguese water dogs and poodles. The hair that sheds gets trapped in the curls, reducing the amount of hair that gets on floors and furniture.

Dogs that have wiry hair are schnauzers and Kerry blue terriers. Dogs have wavy hair in the same manner as dogs with curly hair. Wiry hair dogs also catch shedding hair within their coats.

There are also partially coated dogs that include the Chinese crested dog and the lowchen. Breeds in this category have hair spots that grow on certain areas of the body. Many dog owners consider them low-maintenance breeds.

Dogs with more hair include the corded hair breeds, which are dogs that possess hair managed into tight dreadlocks. The Hungarian puli and Bergamasco are two breeds that have corded hair.