What Kind of Bugs Are Very Small and Red?

Clover mites are small, red bugs that are about a millimeter in size. A common household pest, the bugs have a short lifespan and typically do not reproduce indoors.

Clover mites often enter homes during spring or fall. They like to intrude homes because they prefer warm environments. They can easily invade houses through thin openings around windows or tiny cracks and crevices. They usually swarm homes in large groups, but they don’t harm people or pets. They also don’t carry any diseases, and they don’t ruin furniture or food. Clover mites have pigments that make their bodies appear red and leave a noticeable red smear when the bugs are crushed.

Clover mites subsist on grasses and clovers, and they often thrive in excessively fertilized lawns. Homeowners are advised to minimize the use of fertilizers if they notice a considerable number of clover mites in their homes. The bugs can also be controlled by carefully applying registered insecticides to the outer part of the home, to surrounding shrubs and to the lawn. Another way to eliminate them is by using a vacuum cleaner and throwing the bag in a trash can far from the house, as the bugs can crawl back to the home if the bag is kept nearby.