What Do June Bugs Eat?

Adult June bugs generally feed off of vegetation, including leaves from trees and other plants. When June bugs are in the larvae stage, they live underground and eat the roots of plants that grow underground.

The June bug is found across North America from the southernmost parts to the northern states that have extremely cold climates. They generally live within the trees of the places they occupy and only come out during the evening or at night time. When they come out of their trees, they swarm throughout where they live and make their way through the leaves and forests to look for food. June bugs are less than 1 inch in length and have a dark brown or black hard shell over their bodies. They also have wings.

A June bug gets its name from the season that they mostly emerge in. They are most prominent during early June and can be found in the largest swarms during these months. June bugs can live around 2 to 3 years when they are in the ground as larvae. They generally only live for around a year after they emerge from the larvae stage. The total lifespan of a June bug is around 4 years.