What Do Jack Russell Terriers Eat?

Jim Corwin/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

The ideal food for Jack Russell terriers is dry kibble containing large amounts of meat protein such as beef, chicken or fish. Jack Russell terrier puppies need to eat 800 to 900 calories per day, while adults require between 450 to 650 daily calories to remain healthy.

Jack Russell terriers are little dogs bursting with energy and require a diet that sustains them as they burn lots of calories. High-protein dry kibble provides plenty of fuel for this breed, and its crunchy texture is great for keeping a terrier’s teeth clean. Owners should look for commercial kibble brands that don’t contain byproducts made from corn or wheat, because this breed has difficulty digesting grains. Another reason to stick with high-quality dog food is to avoid possible food allergies, which Jack Russell terriers are prone to developing. If the dog develops symptoms of excessive itching, biting or scratching its skin, a change of diet may be needed.

Jack Russell terriers are voracious eaters, so owners should refrain from overfeeding. Instead, owners should stick to measured portions. Owners should also note that Jack Russell terriers are susceptible to getting a genetic muscular disease called myasthenia gravis. Dogs diagnosed with this disease must eat from raised dog bowls and remain standing for 10 minutes after meals.