Which Insects Start With the Letter “x”?

One insect species with a name starting in “x” is Xylodromus affinis, a species of European beetle. Xylophagus insects, a type of insect that feeds on wood, have a group name that starts with “x.” The xeres blue butterfly is an extinct species whose name begins with “x.”

There are very few living insects whose names start with the letter “x,” but all beetle species in the genus Xylodromus have scientific names that begin with this letter. Xylodramus affinis is one example. This species of beetle is common throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is known for its black body and brown legs. Other Xylodramus species include Xylodramus concinnus and Xylodramus sassuchini.

The xeres blue butterfly no longer exists because it was driven to extinction in the 20th century. It formerly lived in the sand dunes near San Francisco, Calif., and was first described in 1852. Urbanization of this area destroyed the xeres blue butterfly’s habitat. It was a member of the lycaenid family of butterflies and is thought to have depended on ants for the survival of its larval stage. When the sand dunes were destroyed, ant populations declined, and the xeres blue butterfly was no longer able to reproduce effectively.