What Are Some Insects That Start With the Letter “K”?

Insects whose common names start with the letter “K” include the Kamehameha butterfly, the keyhole wasp, the khapra beetle and the kiawe bean weevil. Others include the kiawe flower moth, the kiawe roundedhead borer, the kiawe scolytid, the Kirkaldy whitefly and the Klamathweed beetle.

More insect common names that start with the letter “K” include the koa bug, the koa haole seed weevil, the koa moth, the koa seedworm, the kou leafworm and the kudzu bug. Insects whose scientific name begin with the letter “K” include Kilifia acuminata (the acuminate scale), Knulliana cincta (the banded hickory borer) and Kakimia houghtonensis (the gooseberry witchbroom aphid).