What Are Some Information About Micro Mini Dachshund Puppies?

While “micro mini” is not a recognized category of dachshunds, miniature dachshunds weighing 7 pounds or less are often called “micro” dachshunds. Typically, dachshunds fall into two categories: miniatures that weigh up to about 11 pounds and standards that weigh about 16 pounds or more.

Due to demand for miniature or micro dachshunds, breeders often breed dachshund runts continually. As a result, the pure, stronger dachshund breed becomes weaker and more unhealthy, according to the Dachshund Appreciation Society. Interbreeding between runt dachshunds, resulting in smaller-than-usual miniature dachshunds, does not create a separate dachshund category called “micro mini” dachshunds. It remains the responsibility of breeders to refrain from such breeding to prevent serious damage to the breed.

Miniature dachshunds range from 5 to 7 inches in height. They are small, long and energetic dogs in shades of chocolate, black or gray color, or shades of red and brown. They typically have sloping ears and oval eyes. Miniatures may have wiry, long or smooth hair. They can serve as good guard dogs as they persistently bark at strangers and take time to get used to new people.

Since they are prone to weight gain, miniature dachshunds require regular physical activity. Their short rib cages and long bodies make them susceptible to spinal injuries. Owners should handle them with care as they can suffer from a slipped disk when jumping from even a small height such as from the bed to the floor. Healthy miniature dachshunds live for about 16 years.