How Do You Identify Animal Burrows?

To identify animal holes and burrows, use a website such as the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management which provides a ground hole identification tool. The University of Illinois Extension also offers identification images showing the types of animals causing problems by burrowing holes. An animal burrow serves as a shelter and a temporary place of refuge from predators and extreme weather. Sometimes burrows are also created as byproduct of locomotive activity.

The ICWDM created a comprehensive identification tool that helps determine the type of burrowing animal. To use the ICWDM ground hole identification, navigate to and click Solutions on the primary menu. Select Wildlife Damage Identification under Wildlife Management Solutions, and then click Outdoors. On the next page, click Ground Holes to access the identification tool. The tool divides the types of burrowing animals according to the size of the hole. Check the hole’s diameter, and use the pictures and descriptions provided by the site to identify the animal burrow. also provides a PDF file describing the animal’s characteristics, range, habitat, and prevention and control.

The University of Illinois Extension also provides images of burrows. To access the university’s identification tool, visit and click National Resources & Environment under Our Programs. Under Featured Website, click Living With Wildlife in Illinois and choose Identify the Animal Causing a Problem on the list. Click Burrow Holes to view the pictures and learn more about the burrowing animals.