What Is the Most Human Way to Euthanize a Cat at Home?

The most humane way to euthanize a cat at home is to utilize a vet or service that makes house calls, allowing the pet to die peacefully in familiar surroundings. Vets and licensed euthanasia technicians are generally the only persons legally authorized to give barbiturates for animal euthanasia, says WebMD.

An increasing number of veterinarians and services offer at-home euthanasia for pets such as cats, which can be less stressful for a pet in pain than a trip to the vet, states WebMD.

Barbiturates are used for humane pet euthanasia as they depress the central nervous system beginning with the part responsible for awareness, meaning the pet loses awareness or consciousness prior to and for the duration of passing, explains an article by The Pet Loss Support Group of the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society. Once the barbiturates are injected, it usually takes 10 seconds for a pet to pass. Animals in great pain or stress are given tranquilizers before the barbiturates.

If considering home euthanasia or less conventional methods of euthanasia for a cat because of monetary concerns, a local Humane Society chapter can help, according to the Humane Society for Greater Savannah. The Humane Society in Savannah reports charging $35 or less and may waive this fee for those who can’t afford it.