What Household Products Kill Bees?

Soapy water and boric acid are household products that can kill bees. Boric acid dust or powder is an insecticide that is useful for bumblebees and carpenter bees.

To use boric acid as a bee killer, sprinkle the powder in areas where bees frequently appear. This product works when the powder adheres to bees and they take it back to the hive. Although it takes some time for bees to die with this household product, it is an effective method to control bees.

Another method to kill bees is to use a combination of dish detergent and water. Mix about 1 cup of dish detergent soap with a gallon of water, places this solution into a garden sprayer and sprays an exposed bee swarm. This method may be useful for Africanized honey bees. However, this method may not be effective if bees are in underground nests or inside of walls.