Where Does a Horse Live?

Sylvia/CC-BY 2.0

Horses live in a variety of places and habitats, including Asia and North America. The only undomesticated wild horse, Przewalski’s horse, is native to the Altai Mountains, plains, steppes and shrublands of Mongolia.

Domesticated livestock in Mongolia forced Przewalski’s horse out of its natural habitat, and it nearly went extinct. An on-going breeding program raised the captive population from 13 horses in 1945 to over 2,000 today, some of whom have now been reintroduced to the wild.

Horses such as the mustang also range throughout North America. They largely live in Utah, Wyoming, California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, New Mexico and Montana as well as some islands off the East Coast. These wild horses first came from Spanish horses in the 1500s and have since been joined by numerous breeds, including quarter horses and draft horses.