What Are Home Remedies for a Dog’s Dry Itchy Skin?

Nick Ridley/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

Oatmeal and cool baths help dogs with dry itchy skin. Apple cider vinegar, olive oil in the dog’s food and a lemon rinse also help relieve dry itchy skin on dogs.

Oatmeal baths soothe skin irritation and help provide immediate relief to dry itchy skin. Simply add some oatmeal bath to a dog’s bath for soothing relief. Cool water for a dog’s bath will provide relief from itching without further irritating the situation by drying skin like warm water does. Dogs should be dried with a towel by patting rather than rubbing so as not to further complicate irritation. Olive oil added to a dog’s food helps lubricate the skin and remedy dryness and itchiness. When using this method, the owner should be sure to add only a few drops of olive oil to the food, since too much is known to cause diarrhea. Massaging the dog’s skin with olive oil is also an effective lubricant.

Spraying apple cider vinegar on a dog produces many benefits. It restores the acidic nature of the dog’s skin, which helps ward off pathogens. It also helps balance a dog’s skin and relieves the dryness that causes a dog to itch. Apple cider vinegar added to a dog’s food helps itchy skin as well, although the effects will not be immediately seen. A lemon rinse is another natural skin tonic for dry skin and also wards off fleas.