What Is the Habitat of a Fox?

Most foxes live in forests or other wooded areas. Some species of fox prefer a habitat in a more urban environment. The specific habitat of a fox varies depending on the species.

The red fox has one of the most varied habitats, with animals found around the world in grasslands, forests, deserts, around farms, and in suburban areas. Solitary hunters, they eat small animals like rabbits and rodents, but also dine on garbage and pet food they find outdoors. Highly adaptable, they are known for their intelligence and speed. Similar in appearance to their cousins, the grey fox, red foxes have longer snouts and white tips on their tails.

Grey foxes are commonly found in the Southeastern United states along the Gulf coast, as well as in parts of Canada and South America. They live mainly in forest and woodland areas. Shy animals, they prefer to stay far from humans and often use the brush as cover when hunting. Grey fox dens are often found in hollow logs, under cliffs, and in rock piles. One of the only fox species that is able to climb trees, the foxes also create dens in the lower branches of trees to protect themselves from other predators.