What Is a Group of Snakes Called?

Auscape/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

A group of snakes can be referred to as a den, bed, pit, or nest. The exception to this is a group of rattlesnakes, which is called a rhumba.

Snakes are rarely found in groups. At times during the winter, snakes may congregate to brumate. This type of behavior is also common in bats and marmots.Groups of snakes will huddle together in a den or under rocks to ride out the winter months, conserving their energy until food becomes more abundant in the spring. Unlike hibernating, brumating animals remain awake but lay still to conserve energy.

All snakes are carnivores and swallow their prey whole. Generally, snakes eat alone and will not hunt for food together. Nearly every place in the world has snakes with the exception of Antarctica, Ireland and New Zealand.