What Is a Group of Geese Called?


It’s not uncommon for waterfowl and other species of birds to referenced by different names depending on their groupings. Geese are no different. Depending on where they are gathered and what activities they are participating in determines what name the group is referred to as. Most commonly these groups are known as a gaggle, skein or plump.

Gaggle of Geese

Gaggles of geese are groups of geese gathered together on land. As grazing birds, geese constantly search for their food. Some items they consume include roots, shoots, stems, seeds, leaves of grass, grain, bulbs and berries. They can also be seen eating insects when available. Canadian geese are known to search at the bottom of water for aquatic plants.

While you commonly see people throwing food to geese in the water, it’s actually better to feed these birds on land. Food should either be scattered around areas where the geese seek food or built up into small piles. Geese are herbivores and do not eat fish as many people believe. Geese don’t have teeth to grind their food. Instead, they have sharp beaks to do this work. That is why it is important to remember not to feed the birds from your hand.

Skein of Gees

Groups of geese flying together are known as skeins. Geese are known to fly in a V-formation when traveling from one location to another, such as when migrating. The birds move between two different homes, one for the winter and another for the summer seasons. Most species of geese travel to warmer climates depending on the season. Canadian geese, however, move in opposite patterns. They migrate south during the warmer months and north during the colder seasons.

Female geese often return to the same location each year for nesting and raising their young. In fact, most females will travel to the same areas where they themselves were hatched. This pattern continues throughout the bird’s lifespan. For wild geese, this is on average 21 years. For domesticated geese, the life expectancy can be as much as 35 years. Documented reports have shown that a goose can live beyond 35 years even in the wild.

Plump of Geese

A plump of geese is a group of geese gathered in the water. While many people believe that geese feed on the fish in the water, this isn’t correct. The reason some geese dive their heads below the surface of the water is to eat aquatic plants that they may have found. Geese tend to build their nests around wet areas. They use these locations to hide from their predators that may be preying on them. The tall aquatic grass does provide ideal nutrients to sustain their lives as well.