What Are Some Good Names for Pet Birds?

Sean Murphy/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Good and common names for pet birds include Sunny, Smokey, Gypsy, Skittles, Beau and Coco. Many bird pet owners give their pets names with a meaning they like. For instance, Smokey is a common bird name for gray-colored birds.

There are many pet birds that have names borrowed from sweet fruits such as Kiwi, Peaches, Mango and Blueberry. Names that describe the personality of the bird are also common, for instance, Sunny, Pepper, Angel, Charlie, Ruby and Sunshine. Owners can also give a pet bird an endearing name like Baby, Sweetie, Beau, Bella, Kiki, Buddy and Skittles. Pet owners may choose a name for their bird because it has a ring to it, because it reminds them of an event, or because it is simple to say.