What Are Some Good Names for a Male Parakeet?

The top pet bird names are Kiwi, Sunny, Buddy, Charlie, Baby, Sunshine, Angel, Mango, Tiki and Tweety, according to the Bird Channel. According to Boogie Pets, other popular names specifically for parakeets are Adagio, Bonbon, Chipper, Gizmo, Houdini, Malibu, Pablo and Zorro.

Choosing a name for a male parakeet can be fun, but it can also cause fretfulness. Some people like to choose popular names, some like exotic names and others like to name their bird according to their own personal tastes. Some people like to wait and get a sense of the bird’s personality before naming him.

Some good names specifically for boy parakeets are Aladdin, Kato, Linus, McFly, Nero, Oliver, Percy and Reuben. PetNames.net offers further suggestions: Apollo, Elvin, Orlando, Sigwald, Wallace, Emperor, Ray and Joby.

Some people like to choose funny names for their birds. Boogie Pets suggests the following: Baldy, Bloke, Ebenezer, Genghis, Achoo, Bumpkin, Droppy, Itchy, Mini-Me, Tattoo and Velcro. Naming a bird after a cartoon bird is another option: Woodstock, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck, Toucan Sam, Roadrunner, Egghead, Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, Miss Prissy, Opus, and Huey, Dewey or Louie.

Mythical birds are also options: Firebird, Phoenix, Sphinx or Thunderbird. New bird owners can also try unforgettable names, such as Cicero, Nacho, Turbo, Ditto, Breeze or Icarus.