What Are Some Good Names for a Black Horse?

Some good names for a black horse are Black Jack, Black Rose, Black Beauty, Blackie and Black Belle. The names of other black animals also make good names for black horses, such as Panther or Raven. The name of a black horse might also refer to the dark, such as Midnight, Shadow, Stormy or Eclipse, or black things such as Smoky, Inky, Onyx or Ebony.

Horses have their own personalities, so a good name for a black horse should hint at its character; for example, Majestic, Houdini or Buddy. Funny horse names that are good for a black horse are Cyclone, Loco, Calamity and Diablo. A black horse name could also pay tribute to an outlaw, such as Jessie James, or have a name such as Bandit, Maverick or Jack Daniels. If the horse is mostly black with distinctive markings, a good name might be Dark Star, Socks or Zorro.

A horse’s name should evoke positive feelings for the owner and others. A good idea for a horse name is to select a meaningful place, such as Cheyenne, Durango or Boston. Famous horses and fictional characters also make great horse names, including General Custer’s horse named Comanche that survived the battle of Little Big Horn, Tonto’s horse Scout, Mister Ed or Pegasus.