What Is a Good Name for a Tiger?

What makes a good tiger name is subjective, but there are many famous tiger names to choose from. Three examples from recent popular culture are Rajah, the tiger from Aladdin; Shere Khan, the villain in Jungle Book; and Tigger from Winnie The Pooh.

As well as works of fiction, zoo’s may be a good place to find a name for a Tiger. The San Diego Zoo, for example, has tigers of various subspecies named Connor, Delta, Teddy, Conrad and Majel, among others. Cincinnati Zoo has two male Malayan tigers named Jay and Who Dey. Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas, has two White Asian tigers, a male named Willie King and a female called Meka. Philadelphia Zoo has one female and two male Amur tigers named Changbai, Dimitri and Wiz.

Knowing the subspecies of a tiger could help in naming it, as one could derive a name from the subspecies country of origin.