What Is a Good Home Remedy for a Dog Ear Infection?

Adolfo Lopez Perez/age fotostock/Getty Images

According to Modern Dog magazine, a good home remedy for a dog’s ear infection consists of applying a mixture of water and vinegar in the ear. Apple cider vinegar also works for this remedy. Vinegar has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help rid the dog of any pain or discomfort caused by the infection.

Another home remedy that is used to treat a dog’s ear infection involves placing five to six drops of oil of mullein mixed with oil of garlic inside the dog’s ear for 10 days. The oils work by killing the virus that causes the infection while reducing pain and swelling in the ear. A mixture of olive oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E is also used to treat an ear infection. Other oils that are used as home remedies include an equal mixture of pau d’arco and mineral oil. The mixture is massaged into the ear two to three times daily for several days until the infection clears.

Before treating a dog with a home remedy for an ear infection, flush the infected ear out with warm water to wash away irritants inside the ear. This also enables any home remedies that are used to reach the source of the infection better.