Where Do Goats Live?

Genyphyr Novak, www.alpsadventures.com/Moment/Getty Images

In the wild, goats live in mountainous regions. They prefer hot, dry and arid climates. Most species of goats live in the tropical and equatorial regions of the world. Goats are also found in desert climates, such as the Sahara. However, there are goats that live in cold European climates too. Domesticated goats live in well-constructed pens. Farmers also construct special barns for goats.

Goats and sheep are often placed together in the same enclosure by farmers. Goats are shy animals and rarely pose a threat to other animals. This makes them very easy to domesticate.

Mountain goats, such as those found in the Alps, are sturdy animals and can survive in harsh climates. The goats found on the slopes of the high Rockies in North America and the Andes in South America are used to foraging for food even in the dead of winter. They are extremely agile and move over rocky terrain with ease.

There are over 300 different types of goats. Most of these are domesticated for milk and meat. Some of them have thick hair resembling the wool of sheep. Farmers also make use of this thick coat of hair. Not all goats have horns. Goats have been domesticated for centuries.