What Are German Shepherds’ Habitats?

The German Shepherd dog is found living only in places where people have established a residence. Since the German shepherd was bred as a domesticated breed to fulfil a role as a herding dog, guard dog and companion, the animal does not have any natural habitat.

The German Shepherd was first seen in 1899 in Germany due to the breeding efforts of Captain Max von Stephanitz. The goal of Captain von Stephanits was to create the best herding dog in the world. The German Shepherd has not only excelled as a herding dog, but has taken on many other jobs as well. It has had many jobs, including police dog, drug sniffing dog, search and rescue dog, service animal and even as a movie star.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in America, and has been for many years. Part of the popularity of the breed can be traced back to Rin Tin Tin, the star of many movies. The German Shepherd makes a wonderful family dog. It is protective of its home and family, but must be socialized well as a puppy, or it could develop undesirable traits, such as an aversion to strangers.