What Do Frogs Need to Survive?

Frogs need food, drinking water, a habitat big enough for a full-grown frog and plants. Depending on the species of frog, they may need a water filtration system, heating system or humidifier.

Most frogs eat crickets, dusted once a week with a vitamin powder. Crickets should be appropriately sized for the size of the frog. Some frogs eat fruit flies or other flying insects. Some even eat fish or mice. Drinking water should be either fresh spring water or filtered, but do not use tap water because it contains chemicals harmful to frogs.

The necessary habitat depends on the type of frog. Desert frogs, such as the flat-headed frog, need a terrestrial tank with gravel or sand at the bottom, a water bowl and plants, or other items for the frog to climb. These frogs often need a heat lamp. Aquatic frogs, such as the African Dwarf, require a habitat similar to a fish tank. Most frogs prefer a half-terrestrial, half-aquatic tank. Aquatic and half-and-half tanks require a water filtration system. Tree frogs, such as the smiling frog, need an arboreal tank, tall tanks with branches for them to climb. Some exotic frogs, such as the Puerto Rican Coqui, may require greenhouse humidity, depending on the external climate.

Frog habitats need a top that allows for good ventilation while preventing the frog from escaping. Screen cage lids that can be strongly secured are recommended.