What Do Frog Droppings Look Like?

Frog droppings are about an inch long and roughly the size of a U.S. quarter. It is common for the scat to contain the exoskeletons of insects recently consumed by the frog.

Frog droppings are dark in color, and can commonly be found in areas where flood lights are turned on at night. The droppings usually show up in these areas because the frogs will be drawn to the insects attracted to the light.

Frog droppings also tend to show up in the same spots every morning as frogs have a habitual behavior of going near areas where they can easily find insects to feed on. Their droppings closely resemble rat droppings, and they can accumulate quickly because frogs will go out at night to eat insects and new droppings will appear in the same area every morning.

These droppings can eventually become a problem. It is difficult to remove frogs from houses because they tend to hide in crevices and concealed areas where they are protected from the sun until they emerge at night. To deal with this problem, homeowners can use an insect spray. While the spray won’t kill frogs, it will drive them away because it will eliminate much of their food source and if they ingest it, they become sick and will naturally desire to flee the area.