What Foods Provide the Most Nutrients for Wild Rabbits?

Jessica Lee/EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

There are many foods that provide nutrients for wild rabbits including grasses, herbs, peas, twigs, buds and lettuce. Wild rabbits will also often eat other vegetables from the gardens of unsuspecting farmers and homeowners that provide another source of nutrition.

The wild rabbit’s primary source of nutrition, however, is in the grasses that they eat. They will eat grass or hay such as barley hay, barley straw, Bermuda grass, clover hay, oat hay, prairie hay and rye grass hay. Wild rabbits need to be given plenty of time to graze on their food and they enjoy eating in wide open spaces. In captivity, rabbits should adhere closely to the diet of those in the wild for optimal nutrition instead of the often pelleted grain diet that pet rabbits are often fed.