What Fish Eat Shrimp?

Freshstock/Getty Images

Most freshwater, tropical and marine aquarium fish eat shrimp, and many commercial foods contain dried shrimp and shrimp by-products. Many stores, including Petco and PetsMart, offer high-quality prepared fish foods such as freeze-dried shrimp treats and shrimp pellets that are designed to feed many species with just one food. Farmed fish eat commercial diets that include shrimp by-products, and carnivorous fish eat live shrimp, according to American Aquarium Products.

The labels on commercial food for home aquarium fish often contain lists of species for which the food is recommended.

Fish of several species derive many benefits from eating shrimp. Supplementing the diets of captive fish with shrimp keeps them healthier by approximating the diet of wild fish. Feeding fish shrimp, krill and other crustaceans enhances their color, especially pinks and reds because of astaxanthin, a nutrient produced by the algae they eat, according to PetSmart. Shrimp is also good source of protein. In addition to eating dried shrimp products, most fish eat fresh shrimp, either raw or boiled and unseasoned. According to the American Aquarium Products website, live foods make a good addition to a fish’s diet. For predatory fish, live food offers enhancement through hunting as well as solid nutrition.