What Fish Are Compatible With Zebra Danios?

Zebra danios are peaceful schooling fish tolerant of a wide range of aquarium conditions, according to Animal World. As such, zebra danios are compatible with most species of tropical fish, particularly those described as “community fish.” Examples of fish that do well with zebra danios, as listed by Aquarium Fish, are any of the larger livebearers, such as swordtails, mollies, platies and any of the larger tetra species.

Animal World states that zebra danios should be kept in schools with at least five individuals, preferably more. However, large schools of zebra danios may make some slower-moving fish nervous because of the high level of coordinated activity displayed by the schools.

Aquarium Fish provides several suggested groupings of fish to keep with a school of zebra danios. In addition to being compatible with assorted livebearers and tetras, a large school of zebra danios usually does well in a tank with one rainbow or redtail shark, a small group of corydorus catfish, a school of clown loaches, assorted barbs, most of the smaller gouramis or assorted rainbows. Schools of zebra danios can be used as “dither fish” to distract aggressive fish from fighting. For example, if female betas are kept together, they are prone to fighting unless dither fish are added to the tank as distractions.