What Is a Feral Dog?

A feral dog is a dog that has either been abandoned or was born on the streets and has never been socialized. Dogs that are feral are not accustomed to humans and are scared of them.

Feral dogs are also often left to fend for themselves, so they can be either scared of other dogs or vicious towards other dogs. In Los Angeles alone, there are more than 50,000 feral dogs living on the streets. After the savage Hurricane Katrina, there were more than 120,000 stray dogs that emerged from the ruins. The problem with feral dogs and stray dogs is that there is a lack of money for local animal departments to pick up the dogs and care for them. This means that the dogs stay on the streets and reproduce so that even more dogs are living on the streets.

Most of the feral dogs are difficult to catch when the funds are available because unlike stray dogs, feral dogs have not been socialized and are good at avoiding contact. Sadly, feral dogs cannot survive on their own for long without a food source such as a restaurant or a family’s trashcan. These feral dogs are still dogs and they have been domesticated to a point where they do not know how to catch squirrels or how to find other food sources in the wild on their own.