What Is a Female Goose Called?

Robin Zebrowski/CC-BY-2.0

A female goose does not have a specific name. A male goose is known as a gander, and babies are goslings. A group of geese form a flock or gaggle. A skein is a group of geese in flight; geese flying in the “V” formation are called a wedge.

A female goose chooses a monogamous partner at three years of age. After building a nest and lining it with her feathers, she lays a clutch of about five eggs. She incubates the eggs for 28 to 30 days while the gander keeps watch nearby. At one day old, the goslings can swim and dive for food 30 to 40 feet under water.

There are nine species of geese in the world. The most common in North America is the Canada goose.