What Is a Female Camel Called?


Female camels are called cows. Just like some other ungulates and animals, male camels are also called bulls and their young are known as calves.

One of the most well-known desert animals, camels have been domesticated since 3,000 B.C. and most present-day camels are domesticated. The only remaining camels in the wild belong to a small population of camels living in Central Asia.

Camels are called the ship of the desert because of their ability to survive the extreme climatic conditions of the desert. Man’s use for camels has not changed much for more than several millennia. As in ancient times, camels are still being used today for human travel and for transporting heavy loads across unforgiving terrain that is sometimes impassable by modern land vehicles.

There are two types of camels: dromedary and bactrian. Dromedary camels have one hump on their backs, while the bactrian have two. The dromedary camels are native to the Middle East up to the Horn of Africa, while the bactrian camels inhabit the vast Gobi desert of Central Asia.

The humps on a camel’s back are where the animal stores its fat and this feature is one of the reasons why they are hardy creatures. Whenever food is scarce, camels turns to their fat stores for energy. Camels can survive for a full week without water and for several months without food.