What Do You Feed Baby Frogs?

Baby frogs during their larval stage are known as tadpoles and have a varied diet, consisting of plant matter and insects. As they transform from the larval stage into recognizable immature frogs, they prefer insects. Some larger species also eat the occasional small mammal.

Frogs develop from spawn into tadpoles, which are aquatic larvae. During this stage, they enjoy plant material that is soft enough and small enough for them to consume. Tadpoles do not attempt to eat large pieces of material. In the wild, they consume algae and tiny particles of plant matter. When kept as pets, tadpoles may be fed spinach and lettuce leaves that have been boiled and chopped into small pieces. Because tadpoles develop and grow rapidly, they are voracious eaters, and if they do not get enough to eat, they quickly become cannibals. It is imperative to ensure tadpoles are provided with plenty of food.

As they grow, tadpoles may be fed small insects including water spiders and flies. Once they develop into frogs, most species lose interest in plant matter. Instead, they require a variety of insects, such as flies, slugs, crickets and spiders. Frogs of any age prefer live insects, rather than dead or frozen ones.