How fast can wolves run?


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Wolves can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour in short bursts. A wolf's trotting speed is around 5 miles per hour. As wide-ranging animals, wolves can cover as much as 30 miles of ground in a day when hunting.

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The gray wolf is the largest member of the canid family and lives in a variety of habitats worldwide, including tundras, grasslands and deserts. Gray wolves are predators of medium- or large-sized ungulates, although their diet can also include rodents, hares and even insects. Fruit and vegetable matter also constitutes part of the wolf's diet.

Wolves dominate other predators they cohabitate with, including coyotes and members of the feline family. Both brown bears and wolves occasionally prey on each other, although this is mostly restricted to the young of each species. Tigers are the only predators of wolves besides humans.

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