How Fast Can a Mouse Run?

dra_schwartz/E+/Getty Images

A common house mouse can run as fast as 7.5 to 8 mph. Such speeds would be equivalent to a 5-foot 10-inch human being running more than 160 mph.

The common house mouse, or Mus musculus, is one of the smallest species in the rodent order. It has a pointed snout, rounded ears and a hairless tail. The house mouse is also one of the most numerous species in the Mus genus. Its body measures around 3 to 3.9 inches in length and its tail measures from 2 to 3.9 inches. While usually regarded as a pest, the house mouse has also been domesticated as a pet, and it plays an important role as a laboratory animal in medical research.

Apart from being fast runners, the house mouse is also very agile, having the ability to navigate small spaces quickly, jump long distances and scale vertical structures with ease. It often stands on its hind legs with the support of its tail in a mouse behavior called “tripoding.”